My favorite summer rice salad


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Recipe for 4 pers.
300 gr pandan rice (cook as directed on package)
Make the dressing with 4 tbl spoon extra vierge olive oil, 1 1/2 tbl spoon rice vinegar,
salt and pepper to taste and 2 tsp grated horseraddish
Stir the dressing in the warm rice and set aside
Peel 2 pink grapefruits, and cut the parts out of their casing
Dice 2 ripe avocados
50 gr  rucola lettuce
200 gr smoked salmon cut in pieces
50 gr small cooked shrimp (I use Hollandse garnalen)
75 gr. steamed green asparagus tips
Chives cut small
Stir all the ingredients through the rice and enjoy!